Hello, my name is Coline

(pronounced coal-een)

About me: I was born in Normandy, grew up in Paris, moved to New York at the age of 14, and recently obtained my Master's in Linguistics in London (you can read what my thesis is about here). I currently live in Brooklyn with my two cats, my dog, and my boyfriend. I'm also in an eclectic-garage pop/rock band (you can check us out here!). 


Welcome to Conflicted Beauty, a feminist beauty blog. 

I love beauty, but I'm also conflicted about it. Understanding what it means to buy into the hype, why some of us feel uncomfortable going out without wearing makeup, and how pressures to feel beautiful affect us are all issues I want to explore. However, I do it while indulging...

I review products, present my opinion on launches old and new, but I'm also conscious of my own role as a woman navigating a problematic beauty industry. In this blog you'll find not only makeup reviews but also essays on feminism (for example, you can read whether I think you can be a feminist and wear makeup here), on other women's relationship to makeup, and about the things that sometimes seem taboo in the beauty world. 

Conflicted Beauty therefore aims to be an inclusive, empowering, body-positive space for women. I will NEVER post content promoting particular diets, body types, or beauty ideals. Though I endorse a healthy lifestyle, I will not talk about issues that relate to losing weight or working out. There are a multitude or resources out there if this is your aim.